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Vascos Resort, Hotel, Museum Subic Bay

Vascos Resort, Hotel, Museum Subic Bay


Subic Bay offers eco-tourism activities, all types of adventure from jungle to sea and wonderful nightlife...Subic Bay is more than a weekend getaway!

Scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing and snorkelling...few of sea water adventure that Vasco's Resort can offer.

We can also assist you to experience adventures like Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST), trekking, High Ladder Climbing, Canopy Sliding and High Pole Jumping at Subic Extreme Adventure Park or spend you day at the tropical-forest theme park Jungle Joe's Amusement Park. Book now and let our friendly staff assist you!

PADI Accredited Dive Courses available. Discover scuba diving only Php2,500 for 4 hours. Open water diving course for Php18,000 for four (4) days with certification. Advanced open water course for Php15,000. Fun diving (certified divers only) equipment rental for Php1,000 and Php1,500 per dive.

Dining at Vascos Resort Subic Bay

Dive the pristine waters of Subic Bay...

Get certified at Vasco's Diving Courses from first timers all the way through Professional levels.

Accommodation At Vascos Subic Bay

Go kayaking or canoeing at Subic Bay!

Explore the Subic Bay serene swamps, sea waters and mangroves through kayaking...

Activities at Vascos Subic Bay

Dont miss out the fun at Subic Bay rainforest!

Watch bats fly, trek at the Apaliin Trail or camp at the Subic Bay jungle...